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For over 10 years now, our parent company, Nightship Networks has been busy creating websites, applications, and marketing materials for companies and organizations within the optical industry. We have strategic relationships with industry leaders, and we are intimately familiar with the particular needs of ophthalmic practices and industry organizations. Our Internet Manager is launching with over a dozen website templates especially for optical practices. 

We invite you to visit some of the optically-oriented websites we have built for members of the ophthalmic industry. These and other custom-built sites provided us with the experience and inspiration to create the World Eye Web Internet Manager, a hands-on platform that is simple to use and provides ophthalmic practices with a straightforward, easy web-management tool that allows them to create and manage their own websites for a reasonable cost.

Connecticut Opticians Association
Reference: Rene "Skip" Rivard
Pennsylvania Certified Opticians Association
Reference: Mike Della Pesca
Optix Family Eyecare
Reference: Evan Kestenbaum
National Federation of Opticianry Schools
Reference: Randy Smith


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