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The Internet Manager is our proprietary online "application" that allows you to create and maintain your website and Internet presence without any special skills or software downloads. Specially created to de-mystify the Internet for our users, it is clear, easy, and effective. 

It really is simple. In less than 20 minutes, you can create and order a custom website for your business. With our Internet Management System, you will:

  • Create a free account;
  • Search for your domain name;
  • Select from our distinctive custom web templates;
  • Choose a color palette & top "banner" image that suits your practice;
  • Upload your own logo for your site;
  • Input content for your pages, as much or as little as you like - you can add complete contact information, input directions to your office, explain office policies, add your staff information and photos - whatever you like;
  • Preview your pages, change your mind, select different templates or colors, input different content - adjust as much as you need to;
  • Purchase your domain and website package ONLY when you are happy with the results and ready to go;
  • Request email addresses with your own domain name, included at no extra charge.

In 2 business days or less, your site will be fully functional, and available to the public. It just doesn't get any easier.

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Is this you?
It could be! With just a few mouseclicks, you can have this, or one of dozens other website templates for your own site.

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