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Domain Management
Searching for a new domain name
What makes a good domain name?
I can't find a domain I like
I 'reserved' a domain to my account - what does that mean?
What is DNS management?
I just want to register a domain without building a site
Can I have more than one domain?

Searching for a new domain name
After you have successfully created or logged in to your free account, you will be directed to our domain management section. To search for a new domain name, click option 1. This will start the domain search.

Enter the domain name you want to check, and click on the "search domains" button. This checks your desired name against the global registry to see if it is already reserved or in use by someone else. Your search will yield one of two results (below). If the domain is already being used, you will need to search again. If it is available, you may register it.

What makes a good domain name?

Good domain names have three distinct features:
1. They are easy to remember;
2. They are easy to type;
3. They are easy to say.

Hyphens are allowed in domain names, however they are both hard to say, and hard to type, and should be avoided if possible.

Use a plural form only if it seems natural.

Use an extension that suits your business. Most common are the .com, .net, and .org. However, as good, short domain names become harder to find, .biz, and .us are becoming increasingly common and easy for people to remember.

Stay away from words that are hard to spell. (For instance, "ophthalmic" is almost impossible for anyone who is "not in the business." "Eye Doctor" is much easier.

"Branded" names (e.g.: dryourname) may be preferable to generic names (such as Another advantage to a closely branded name is that there is less likely to be confusion over rightful ownership.

Avoid domain names that are very similar to already existing domain names. You don't want your visitors to wind up at your competitor's website accidentally.

Remember that you do not 'own' your domain name, per se. You are merely renting it. Don't let your domain name expire, or your competitors may snatch it out from under you.

I can't find a domain I like

It's often hard to find an available domain that works for your business at first. Keep trying various combinations of your business name, and/or items associated with your field. For instance: may not be available but might be. If you run out of ideas, ask your friends or staffmembers to help you "brainstorm" a few ideas. Stop and think about how you might describe your business. Is your practice upscale? downtown? boutique? fashion? Check a few descriptive terms and try new combinations. Additionally, try other extensions (.us, .biz, etc.). There are unlimited combinations. You will be able to find one, but it may take a little time and patience.

I "reserved" a domain to my account - what does that mean?

When you reserve a name to your account at World Eye Web, this is not the same as purchasing the domain.

What this does mean is that at the time you checked, the domain was available, and we have assigned it to your account so you can work with it. We allow you to "demo" the Interface (site building engine) as much as you like, for free, and then bundle your domain purchase into your website package at the end.

You do have the option to purchase the domain separately, which confirms your ownership of the domain with the global registry, and prevents anyone else from using it. However, if you purchase the domain as part of the Interface package, you will receive the domain registration as part of the package price, and it will be registered to you at that point.

What is DNS management

DNS stands for "Domain Name Server." Sites that are hosted with WEW are set to a DNS of WORLDEYEWEB.COM.

Domain management refers to hosting the domain name; that is, storing the data (your website) and answering DNS queries when requested (displaying your website to your visitors).

When your website is hosted on the World Eye Web, we will automatically set your DNS for you.

What if I just want to register a domain without building a website?

No problem. If you do not want to purchase a complete website package, but only want to register your ownership of a domain, we can help you with that. After searching for your domain name, you will need to click "register" it (see below).

This activates step 2 on the Domain Management panel. From there, simply choose "purchase domain only" to bypass the Site Building Interface, and go directly to purchase. You may purchase a domain registration through WEW for up to 5 years.

Can I have more than one domain?

There is no limit to the number of domains you may register. You are not required to purchase a website package for each domain. You may purchase registration only, or registration plus email, or registration plus email plus website, for any available name through our website.


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